As I walk through the forest…


As I walk through the forest in Greenwich, Connecticut, there are no deer to be seen.

Just a few years ago, I would see wild Turkeys, and a small family of Deer would frequent my backyard and peacefully come through the woods and sometimes sleep on the grass.

In the past 10 years, The “kill all you want” policies coming from the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection to the “Backyard Baiters and Executioners” has left our forests in Fairfield County, Connecticut, nearly empty of this important Keystone Species.

The forest eco-system is not completely understood by Science. Many well-known Scientists and Environmentalists have written extensively and have publicly commented on how every Species plays a vital role in the health of the Forests.

The complex nature of how everything works together to keep the understory from overgrowing to the soil fertile… to the new buds and trees growing and the water clean has yet to be fully understood.

So, why would any “Environmental Protection” Department take it upon themselves to play with such a delicate eco-system that only God could make so magnificently?

Connecticut is most certainly not my home. I only moved here shortly after 9/11 to get out of NYC and try to get some fresh air.

However, Connecticut has been a place that I would really never wish upon anyone who cares about their health, wellbeing, the Environment, Animals, Wildlife, going “Green” or just being yourself.

For more than a decade, I have endured some of the most unhappy and aggressively arrogant and hostile, dishonest people that I have ever come across. Of course, there are many good people here, and I am grateful for them…

But for a Hawaiian Island Girl who has lived in Texas, Colorado, attended College in Boston, London, Oxford, and then lived in NYC for a decade…. Connecticut was the biggest challenge that I have ever come across and the “good ole’ boy network” the worst and most obvious that I have ever seen.

Now I am working with other good people here to save the last remaining Deer, along with the numerous Wildlife that depend upon the synchronicity of the Forest eco-system.

The Extermination has got to stop. The ignorance has got to stop. The “Class Envy” has got to stop. The “Father Knows Best” arrogance has got to stop [any educated woman here knows what I mean on this one]. The Environmental Damage has got to stop.

Below is a map of the Connecticut Counties. The DEP has set their bloodthirsty eyes upon “Fairfield County” to exterminate ALL Deer. It is a horrifying time to be in Connecticut, and good people must make this asinine warfare against our Wildlife stop.

map of connecticut counties





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