Save Our Indigenous Deer


murdered deer

I write this blog for all Deer, and really all Wildlife.

The time is now to protect our last remaining Wildlife from the ignorance and persecution it has endured for several generations now.

How Federal and State agencies get the idea that “Wildlife Services” equates to violent killing, trapping, poisoning, and ultimately decimating our entire ecosystem is a very big and important question that all educated Americans and International communities have today. We have every right to be outraged!

I came face-to-face with Evil in my own backyard in my current residence in Connecticut in November 2015. I saw two beer-bellied Degenerates carrying the slain body of a young male Deer from the woods right across from my house.

These woods belong to the Greenwich Land Trust, a private organization that forbids hunting on their properties.

I called the Police and then I called the Department Environmental Protection.

To my horror, both the Police and the “DEP”were part of this “good ole boy network”that only served to protect the illegal trespassing ‘Backyard Baiters’ who baited then killed this practically tame, suburban Deer with a Bow and Arrow.

I have begun this journey to Save Our Deer since this moment of realization that the “DEP” only serves to kill and destroy what so many people come to Connecticut to enjoy and treasure.

Save Our Deer is an outreach to all Human Beings to stop the Extinction of our native Deer in Connecticut and across America before it is too late. The ignorance that is the basis for this heresy has got to stop.

I celebrate this opportunity to bring Wildlife to the forefront of our busy lives for the simple reason that our Wildlife maintains the very Forests that we depend upon for clean air, and our Wildlife are responsible for the very ecosystem that we all depend upon.

Saving Wildlife is an action to save your own life, and future generations.





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